Prime Research Innovative Limited is a market research and analytics company with expertise in Data Analytics, Business Insights, Market Survey, Infographics, Research, Training and Consulting.

Since 2011, we have been helping small businesses scale up their operation. The company leverage data to provide meaningful impacts to our customers. We provide people, business and society solutions across the different economic domain.

Mr Sodeeq Monsuru is the Managing Partner of the company. He is a diverse personality with unique knowledge in Data Science and Business Analytics from Texas at Austin. He also had a Masters degree in Marketing from College de Paris and a Bachelor degree in Economics from the University of Abuja.

He is an experienced researcher, writer and entrepreneur and those passion influence his decision to help small businesses in Nigeria scale up their operation using tested and affordable solutions.

Riyike Adeoye is the Director of Operations of the company. She holds a Bachelor degree and Master degree in Economics from the University of Jos. She is an exceptional leader in that works smarter and result-driven to achieve set goals.