Dr. Dennis Ikenga

Dr. Dennis Ikenga Registrar, International Institute of Chartered Educational Practitioners.


"We have been working with Prime Researcher Innovative Limited for the past 5 years. We have always found their service very profitable in recruiting new members to our organizations. Our membership strengths had grown by 40 per cent within 3 months of engaging their service with their support. "

Dr. Solomon Vonga

Dr. Solomon Vonga President, Nigerian Association of Small Scale Industrialists


"Every business needs Prime Researcher Innovative Limited. They have a deep insight into managing stakeholders and working with diverse teams to achieve business objectives. Prime Researcher helped our association to stay focussed on what works best that achieve optimal results for us. NASSI

Madam Beeba

Madam Beeba Manager, Next TV Africa


"The best thing about working with Prime Researcher is that they are very comprehensive in the way they manage business challenges. The company helps our business to understand social media insight through their innovative technology. The recommendation by Prime Researcher assisted us in coming up with a new approach to achieving our business goals."

Mrs. Mary Makanjuola

Mrs. Mary Makanjuola CEO, Ryan & Jasmine Consult


Thanks to Prime Researcher Innovative Limited for helping us to improve our business visibility which translated into higher sales and business networks.

Mrs. Mariam Sodeeq

Mrs. Mariam Sodeeq Managing Director, Kemas Innovative Global Limited


I will recommend this company for more business opportunities. Prime Researcher Innovative Limited works with us from our startup stage to the current level of business prosperity. We have continued to expand our business through the business analytics strategies of Prime Researcher.